Frequently Asked Questions

Am I ordering directly from GM? Or are you a GM dealer?

We are a GM dealer and a division of Flow Automotive.

How long before my order ships?

On average your order can ship out in 7-10 business days. In cases where we have all of he parts on

your order, they will ship out to you within 24 hour via standard UPS. If there are any parts that have a

red* on your order then these parts are considered special ordered which have to be ordered from

GM or one of their suppliers. Over 90% of special order parts we order are stocked ay a local GM

warehouse and ships to us within 24 hours and we do our best to ship within the next 24 hours. Our

24 our clock is during our weekly business shipping hours, Monday thru Friday. In some cases it may

take longer to ship out your order due to back-ordered, special-ordered that are from a GM facility

that is not in our southeast region of the country or unavailable parts. Please note you are notified in

site policies of approximate shipping times "For to keep prices low and to service

all customers as quick as possible, orders cannot be cancelled for any reason. Please make sure

your part numbers are correct before placing your order."

Why are your parts so inexpensive? Is this for real?

Yes our prices are for real! We sell only original current production OE GM Parts. Parts and prices

listed on our site are based off GM pricing. We can sell this low only because of our volume of parts

sales. You can see exactly where we make our profit in our handling fee less the actual shipping cost,

employee, web, and "brick and mortar associated cost", etc. That is why we have to strictly adhere to

our site polices, one of which is no phone calls please. We can help you in every way by email. We

are on a very low profit margin and to keep the overall prices low the Internet department does not

have a phone staff. In almost all cases your to the door price is less than wholesale, without using a

wholesale license or going to your local GM dealer. On large items, if there is an additional shipping

and handling fee, you will be notified and asked for approval after placing your order. Feel free to

email customer service if you have any questions or contact your local GM dealer with the part

numbers listed to compare our prices.

If someone other than gmpartsdirect wants to sell you what appears to be Genuine GM Parts that are

well below our prices, BEWARE! The Parts could be imitations. Unfortunately, fake auto parts have

become a serious problem in recent years. And it doesn't just hurt companies such as GM - it hurts

you, the person buying the parts, as well.

Is there a phone number to call and place an order?

To keep our prices as low as possible we do not verify part numbers by phone or offer phone ordering

services. All correspondence through our firm is by email only so we can document all transactions

and conversations.

How can I see the total with shipping, processing and handling fee before I place my order?

If you enter the part numbers needed to the "SEARCH" field listed on our home page (located in the

upper left hand corner just below our banner) then click "GO". The "Search Results of Available

Items" screen will then be displayed, if you then click the "ADD TO CART" button the part will then be

added to the shopping cart.

Once the parts are added to the shopping cart, you can then click "CHANGE PART QUANTITY" to

view the shopping cart and see the shipping and handling of the parts and order total delivered to

your door step. If you decide you don't want the part after inquiring, just delete that part from your

shopping cart.

Shipping is estimated by a percentage of the order because the weight and dimensions are not

available. If shipping is more than estimated you will be contacted for approval. The minimum

shipping expense will be $12.97

With over 480,00 part numbers available from GM we would have a hard time telling what a shipping

fee would be so we use the best way possible for you to see the price before you place your order by

using a flat percentage based on the cost of the part. In most cases you are the winner. If you find a

lower delivered price at one of our competitors, please email us a screen shot and link of their

delivered price and we will try to meet and beat their delivered price. Shipping is estimated by a

percentage of the order because the weight and dimensions are not available. If shipping is more

than estimated you will be contacted for approval. 

Do you sell new GM parts?

We sell only original equipment Genuine General Motors and GM Performance parts, most are

new, some like starters, or alternators are remanufactured and sold by GM and usually say

"reman" in the description or have a "core charge".

What if I just need price and availability of a part?

Just enter a valid GM part number in the space provided on our home page. You can find fast moving

part numbers in our special featured section on our homepage. Due to the huge size and complexity

we do not have a full catalog for all GM parts online. If you cannot find the part number you need

please email us through customer service with the make, model, year, VIN and a good description of

the parts you need. There is a link to customer service on the bottom of our homepage.

Why do you need my VIN number?

In most all cases the VIN number is used to tell what options, colors, and special packages that came

on your GM automobile specifically. We determine the correct part based on the options the vehicle

came with. This mainly applies to 1990 and newer vehicles.

Does take check or debit cards?

Our secure order page will only accept MasterCard or Visa credit cards and or Visa and Mastercard

Debit cards.We do not accept personal checks, but we do offer the payment method of money order

or cashiers check.

What if I need my parts ASAP?

If you need to have your parts quicker than standard ground service can deliver, you will need to

contact your local dealer. Orders on average take 7-10 working days, in some cases it can take

longer due to a special ordered part that is backordered or delays from the manufacturer.