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12498777 - ZZ454/440 Crate Engine

GM PART # 12498777
CATEGORY: Eng Asm (shipped only to local UPS hub for pickup)

List Price:$7,788.75
You Save: $849.80 (11%)
DESCRIPTION: ZZ454/440 Crate Engine

ZZ454/440 Crate Engine

The ZZ454/440 offers tremendous value in a big-block crate engine. Based on the proven 454 HO with its Gen VI 454 block, the addition of GM Performance Parts Signature series aluminum heads reduce weight and increase horsepower to 440, up from the 454 HO's 425.

The ZZ454 shares its forged crankshaft and connecting rods with GMPP's 454 HO and the family of famous 502 crate engines, so you know it's strong. Forged pistons fill the block, and a steel roller camshaft times the valves. Complete with dual plane intake manifold, water pump, torsional damper and automatic transmission flexplate, the ZZ454 is one value packed big-block crate engine.

With its throttle responsive 9.6 to 1 compression ratio, the pump gas friendly ZZ454 is a great choice for muscle cars, bracket racers and off-road truckers. Just add your 850 CFM carb, GM HEI distributor, and 2 1/4" primary headers and you're ready to rip.

The ZZ454/440 is intended for use in 1979 and earlier pre-emission street vehicles and any year off-road vehicles.

GM Crate Engines are horsepower rated to SAE Standards.

Technical Notes: ZZ 454/440 Technical Information
Horsepower 440 @ 5250 RPM
Torque 500 @ 3250 RPM
Max. Recommended RPM 5500 RPM
Compression Ratio 9.6:1
Block 12550307 Cast Iron - Four bolt mains
Crankshaft 14096983 Forged Steel
Connecting Rods 10198922 Forged Steel
Pistons 10215228 Forged Aluminum
Piston Ring 12523921
Camshaft 24502611 Hydraulic roller;
Lift: .510" I, .540" E.;
Duration @ .050: 211º I, 230º E.
Timing Chain 10114177 Single Roller
Cylinder Heads 12363390 Cast aluminum 110 cc combustion chambers
Intake Valves 12366986 2.19"
Exhaust Valves 12366988 1.88"
Rocker Arms 12368082 1.7:1
Torsional Damper 10216339 8"
Flexplate 10185034 14"
Valve Lash Net Lash Fuel 92 Octane
Spark Plugs #4 Rapid Fire Gap .045
Ignition Timing 4º BTDC

Technical notes: For manual transmission applications use flywheel P/N 14096987 and a suitable 11" clutch assembly. Distributor P/N 93440806 or melonized distributor gear P/N 10456413 must be used on all crate engines with steel camshafts.

This engine includes shipping to your local UPS freight hub for pickup. If you wish to have the order shipped to your billing address, please also order part number AD200, for the additional delivery fee.

Page 1: 1-1 of 1 items     
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