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pk12550630 - LT1 to LT4 Conversion Kit without LT4 intake manifold

GM PART # pk12550630 *

This part has been discontinued.

List Price:$2,943.28
You Save: $910.28 (31%)
DESCRIPTION: LT1 to LT4 Conversion Kit without LT4 intake manifold

Currently one or more of the part numbers in this kit has been put on national review by GM and is awaiting review if they will be discontinued.

This conversion kit DOES NOT include the GM LT4 intake manifold, due to the GM LT4 intake manifold as been discontinued by GM. An aftermarket LT4 intake manifold will need to be purchased from an aftermarket source for this kit to be a complete LT1 to LT4 conversion, see an aftermarket vendor for a LT4 intake manifold.

A bolt on LT4 performance upgrade for your LT1. The LT4 conversion kit includes parts needed to change the top end of the LT1 to LT4 specs. Conversion kit includes:

2 Cylinder Heads P/N 12363287

1 GM Performance Parts LT4 Hot Cam P/N 24502586

1 1.6:1 Aluminum Roller Rocker Arm kit P/N 19210729

2 Head Gaskets P/N 12551488

2 Intake Gaskets P/N 12367777

1 Front Timing Cover Gasket P/N 10128293

1 Water Pump Seal P/N 10217886

1 Front Crankshaft Seal P/N 10128316

1 Oil Pan Gasket P/N 10108676

2 Valve Cover Gaskets P/N 10108625

2 Exhaust Gaskets P/N 12552470

Also includes: 1 Distributor Seal(1995-1997 cars) P/N 12552428, and 1 Distributor Seal (1992-1994 cars) P/N 10128317, but only one of these is used depending on application.

Not included in the kit, but recommended is the "Extreme Duty LT1/LT4" timing chain kit P/N 12370835.

Also not included and required is the LT4 intake manifold, must be purchased from an aftermarket source.

These are the basic components that make up the LT4 engine and performance please note other parts may be required to properly install these parts on your non-LT4 engine.

1993-1994 ignitions are different than 1995-newer LT1's and may require changing to the newer ingnition system.

Please check with a certified installer before performing this conversion.

Additional parts may be required.

The LT4 intake manifold will need to be purchased from an aftermarket source.

Page 1: 1-1 of 1 items     
* This part has been replaced by a new part number. The new part number will be used if you add this part to your cart.

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