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17800393 - HT383E Truck Retrofit Crate Engine

GM PART # 17800393
CATEGORY: Eng Asm (shipped only to local UPS hub for pickup)

List Price:$5,897.52
You Save: $494.02 (8%)
DESCRIPTION: HT383E Truck Retrofit Crate Engine

340 Horsepower, 435 Ft. Lbs Torque

HT 383E High Performance replacement for 1996-1999 Light Trucks 350R engines An emissions-legal small block that brings on the torque for your '96-'99 GM truck/SUV!

The HT383E crate engine from GM Performance parts is an exciting new extension of our “High Torque” line that is especially designed for '96-'99 full-sized GM pickup trucks and SUVs that is a direct replacement for your high-mileage 5.7 liter stock engine.

The HT383E offers you the same brute strength of our HT383: forged steel crank, 4-bolt main cast iron block, and a camshaft designed for towing and hard work. With 383 cubic inches, you also get a broad torque band that peaks at 435 lb,-ft, at 4000 rpm with 340 horsepower at 4500 rpm.

GM Performance Parts engineers designed the HT383E so that installation is as easy as possible. Simply, swap your new HT383E in place of your existing 5.7 liter engine using your stock intake manifold, wiring harness, and fuel injection system. The stock computer adapts to the new HT383E, and you suddenly have stump-pulling, big-inch small block at your disposal.

Engine Kit Includes:

14" automatic flexplate, balancer, water pump, spark plugs, spark plug wires, oil filter, oil filter adapter gaskets, intake gaskets, exhaust gaskets, complete vortec distributor, A/C Delco spark plug wire set.

This engine includes shipping to your local UPS freight hub for pickup. If you wish to have the order shipped to your billing address, please also order part number AD200, for the additional delivery fee.

Page 1: 1-1 of 1 items     
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