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24502569  - 18º Cylinder Head, High Port Small-Block V8 - 9.1 Compression

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These aluminum 18º cylinder heads were released for Chevrolet 350, 9.1 compression NASCAR racing engines. These heads are similar to P/N 10134364, except they have an additional .080" on the deck and an added .055" to the intake manifold flange to maintain port alignment. To raise the compression to meet your need, you can machine the deck surface.  
Technical Notes: Specifications: Casting number is 10134363. Includes valve seats and valve guides. Valve spacing is 1.935". This head is recommended for cylinder bore diameter of 4.000"-4.155". Intake valve seat material is beryllium copper. Exhaust valve seat material is beryllium copper. Valve guide material is manganese bronze. Valve guide clearance ("Typical" valve stem diameters): intake is 0.0012" and exhaust is 0.0016". This head has 65cc chambers. Fully CNC ported. Required Components: Intake valve diameter is 2.15"; "back" angle is 12 degrees; length is 5.45" or 5.55". Exhaust valve diameter is 1.625"; "back" angle is 25 degrees; length is 5.45" or 5.55". Rocker arms (shaft mount): intake (with flat tappet) is 0.550" offset; intake (with offset roller lifter) is 0.450" offset; exhaust is 0.150" offset. Recommended Accessories: Intake manifold is P/N 10185053, 24502481, 24502487, or 24502579; intake manifold gasket set is P/N 10185007; head gasket is P/N 10185054; rocker cover P/N 10185064.  

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