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12496821  - Vortec Manifold With TBI

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This aluminum small-block Vortec manifold was designed for maximum horsepower with throttle body fuel injection and EGR usage. The manifold will fit all Vortec design cylinder heads (P/N 12529093, 12558060, 12497186, and 12464298).  
Technical Notes: To use EGR, the gasses must be plumbed from the exhaust manifold into the intake manifold. Many exhaust manifolds have drilled and tapped holes that can be used to fabricate a tube. An example is the 1996 and later pickup truck with RPO L31 350 engine, which uses exhaust manifold P/N 12557828, EGR pipe P/N 10220275, and fitting P/N 12552329. That combination will fit this manifold for late model pickup trucks. Vacuum controlled EGR valve P/N 17052693 can be used on some models.  

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