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22536161  - Aluminum DRCE Engine Block

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This lighweight version of the Oldsmobile DRCE block incorporates many of the features of its cast iron counterpart. It is manufactured from 356-T6 aluminum by Keith Black Racing Engines. The aluminum DRCE block accepts all big-block Chevrolet V8 internal components (crankshaft, rods, camshaft, etc.). The head bolt pattern is designed specifically for Oldsmobile DRCE cylinder heads. The aluminum block's crankcase extends below the crankshaft centerline. This "Y-block" design accommodates cross-bolted ductile steel main bearing caps on the three intermediate main bearings. The ductile iron cylinder barrels are relieved and the camshaft bore repositioned .250" upward to provide clearance for a long-stroke crankshaft. The block's 1/2" diameter cylinder head studs extend to the bottom of the cylinder bores. The aluminum DRCE block has provisions for an internal oil pump. A short-deck aluminum block weighs 157 pounds.  
Technical Notes: Aluminum DRCE blocks are available with 9.925", 10.50", and 10.70" deck heights. Two cylinder bore sizes are offered; 4.250" and 4.50". Cylinder walls are finished with either 280 grit or 400 grit honing stones. All orders for aluminum DRCE engine blocks must be specify the desired block height, cylinder bore, and cylinder wall finish. This block is to be ordered direct from the manufacturer at (562) 869-1518 or FAX (562) 869-2544.  

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