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10051103  - Bow Tie Intake Manifold (Raised Runner)

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The intake runners in this aluminum intake manifold are raised .200" to match the ports in the raised runner Bow Tie cylinder head P/N 10051101. Its single-plane runner design maximizes horsepower at high rpm, and the gently curved runners enhance mid-range torque. The runner entries are radiused to minimize turbulence in the plenum and to promote uniform fuel distribution to all eight cylinders. An air gap beneath the runners isolates the intake charge from engine heat; there are no heat riser passages. The carburetor pad is drilled for a standard flange four-barrel.  
Technical Notes: This intake manifold is for competition use only. A 2" carburetor spacer is recommended if hood clearance is sufficient. Manifold casting P/N 10051103.  

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