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10046173 Pushrod, First Design w/Roller Lifter      
This pushrod was used on early roller lifter 350 HO engines that had pushrod guideplates. These are heat treated so they will not create excess wear on the pushrod or guideplate. See P/N 10241740 for second design pushrods for engines without pushrod guideplate engines.   Small Image

10134309 Premium One-Piece Pushrod      
This is GM Performance Parts' best pushrod for small-block and V6/90º Chevrolet racing engines! This 5/16" diameter pushrod is manufactured from tough 4130 steel tubing with a .080" wall thickness. Tests have shown that this new premium quality pushrod is 35% stiffer than pushrod P/N 366277. It will withstand a bending force of more than 4700 pounds!   Small Image
Technical Notes: This pushrod is .100" longer than stock (7.796" overall length). Its one-piece design eliminates tip alignment problems. Premium 4130 pushrods are case hardened, and can be used with guideplates.

12371041 Pushrod Kit, Roller Lifter (2nd Design)      
This kit includes 16 pushrods P/N 10241740. These pushrods are for second designed roller tappet engines that "do not" use pushrod guideplates. They are used on current model 350 HO "ZZ series engines." For single pushrod use P/N 10241740.   Small Image

12371057 Heavy-Duty Pushrod Kit (.100" Long)      
This 5/16" diameter pushrod will stand up to the stiff valvesprings used in today's high-reving racing engines. It has a wall thickness of .075" and hardened tip inserts. (For comparison, production pushrods are made with .060" wall thickness tubing and have welded ball ends.) It is .100" longer than a stock pushrod to restore the correct valvetrain geometry when a high-lift camshaft is installed. This heavy-duty pushrod is manufactured from 1010 steel and hardened. This kit includes 16 pieces of P/N 366277 and for single replacement use P/N 366277.   Small Image

12495491 Heavy Duty Pushrod Kit, Standard Length      
These 5/16" O.D. pushrods are standard length (7.724") and have a .075" wall compared to .060" wall on production ones. These pushrods are used on all non-roller tappet camshafts 1955 and newer. This heavy-duty pushrod is manufactured from 1010 steel and hardened. For single pushrod replacement use P/N 14044874.   Small Image

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