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Chevy Big-Block V8  |  Rocker Studs, and Guide Plates


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10114123 Rocker Arm Stud Kit      
This bolt is used on the "Gen V" engines and holds the "non-adjustable" rocker arms in place.   Small Image

10213466 Rocker Arm Ball      
Used on all 1991 and later "Gen V" 454 and 502 engines.   Small Image

12338049 Rocker Arm Ball      
Heat-treated rocker arm ball for all big-block Chevrolet V8s. 61/64" OD.   Small Image

12495498 Rocker Stud      
This engine set of high quality rocker studs was designed for 1960 through 1990 Big Block Chevrolet engines. Strong 7/16" diameter screw-in studs are built to stand up to stiff valve springs and high lift camshaft profiles. These studs are suitable for all high performance and competition applications. This kit includes 16 of P/N 3921912 rocker studs. For single service replacement use P/N 3921912.   Small Image

12495518 Rocker Stud Kit (3/8 x 7/16")      
This high quality rocker arm stud has a 3/8-16 thread that screws in the head and a 7/16-20 upper shaft for the rocker arm nut. This stud is used when you want to install a stud on a late model (1991 and newer) Gen V or Gen VI head for adjustable tappets. Use with rocker arm kit P/N 12368085 only.   Small Image
Technical Notes: These studs are 8720 steel and heat treated to a 170,000 psi and tips are ground flush for optimum adjustment. 1.900" from rocker nut tip to base of head, and .750" for section that screws into cylinder head. For single service replacement use P/N 12368941.

14097005 Pushrod Guideplate 3/8"      
This pushrod guide plate is used on all Gen V 454 and 502 engines. It is for 3/8 pushrods.   Small Image

3860038 Pushrod Guideplate (3/8")      
These guideplates are used on 1960-90 iron heads and all aluminum cylinder heads. The big-block Chevy's unique splayed valve design uses hardened steel pushrod guideplates to align the rocker arms with the valve stem tips. This slotted guideplate is used with 3/8" diameter pushrods. 8 required.   Small Image
Technical Notes: Install with screw-in rocker stud P/N 3921912.

3879620 Pushrod Guideplate (7/16")      
Similar to above, for heavy-duty 7/16" diameter pushrods.   Small Image

3896648 Rocker Adjusting Nut      
Positive locking 7/16-20 nut for all big-block V8s.   Small Image

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