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Chevy Big-Block V8
Chevy Big-Block V8
Big Block Crate Engine Listing
Part Number Size H.P. Description
24502618 454 425 "HO 454" Off-Road with Iron Head / Roller Cam
24502620 502 450 "HO 502" Off-Road with Iron Head and Roller Cam
12371294 502 502 "ZZ502" (Base) Off-Road with Aluminum Heads
12371171 502 502 "ZZ502" (Deluxe) Off-Road with Aluminum Heads
12496963 502 502 "ZZ502" (Base/Assembled) Off-Road with Aluminum Heads
12496962 502 502 "ZZ502" (Deluxe/Assembled) Off-Road with Aluminum Heads
12497323 502 510 "Ram Jet 502" (Deluxe/Assemble) Off-Road with Aluminum Heads
88890534 502 338 "HT 502" Base Truck and Off-Road
88890533 502 338 "HT 502" Emission Legal Truck
24502619 502 502 "HT 502" Partial Engine with Roller Camshaft

Balancers Bolts and Washers Balancers and Pulleys
Block Components Camshaft Sprockets
Camshafts Camshafts Lifter Kits
Clutch Pressure Plates and Discs Connecting Rods and Components
Crankshaft Sprockets Crankshafts
Cylinder Head Gaskets and Bolts Cylinder Heads
Distributors and Ignition Systems Engine Assemblies
Exhaust Valves Flywheels and Flexplates
Intake Manifolds and Gaskets Intake Valves
Oil Filter Valves Oil Filters
Oil Pans and Components Oil Pump Screens
Oil Pumps Partial Engines and Blocks
Piston Pin Retainers Piston Rings
Pistons Pushrods
Rocker Arms Rocker Covers
Rocker Studs, and Guide Plates Timing Chains and Sprockets
Valve Lifters Valve Shims, Springs, Retainers, Seals
Water Pumps

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