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10134351 V6 Aluminum Block      
Same as above (P/N 10134371) but this aluminum block is designed to take larger 2.65" diameter main bearing inserts.   Small Image

10134371 V6 Aluminum Block      
This new and best-ever V6/90º aluminum block is improved to withstand the ever increasing power levels that today's racing is imposing. This new design will accommodate 4.125" cylinder bores and 4.00" stroke crankshafts. This offers the flexibility to build engines ranging from 3.0-liters (180 cid) to more than 5.2-liters (320 cid). The block is designed for standard 2.45" diameter (350 cid small-block) main bearing inserts. The new block is cast from prime ingot A-356 aluminum and heat treated to T-6 specifications, providing an ultimate strength of 37,500 psi. The deck surface is .620" thick and the front and rear bulkheads are reinforced. The head bolt holes are blind-tapped to eliminate coolant leaks. The flared head bolt bosses can be drilled to full depth for full HO turbocharged applications. New four-bolt main bearing caps were designed for the block. They are machined from 4340 chrome-moly steel and their mating surfaces are precision ground. The oil system has been upgraded to provide trouble-free lubrication at high rpm. It features V8-style oiling with three oil galleries above the cam tunnel. There are no provisions for a mechanical fuel pump. Eliminating the fuel pump boss significantly improves coolant flow. These blocks weigh 74 lbs.   Small Image
Technical Notes: This is a two piece style rear main seal.

10185051 Engine Block, V-6 Bow-Tie      
This block has been revised for year 2000. It is fully CNC machined from the 10134388 casting. It features siamesed cylinder bores, priority main oiling, cast nodular main caps, the three center mains are splayed 20 degrees on the outer bolts. It featurs 2" OD cam bearing at all four locations. Deck height is 9.025" and comes finished bored at 3.980". Maximum recommended bore is 4.150". The block now features wet sump oiling.   Small Image

10205294 Engine Block      
This cast iron bare block is used in production 4.3-liter V6/90º engines. It has 4.00" cylinder bores and two-bolt main bearing caps. The lifter valley is machined for roller or flat tappets, and the rear main bearing uses a one-piece seal. This block has fuel pump boss.   Small Image
Technical Notes: This block has the same cylinder wall thickness as current production engines. It has two oil galleries and an open lifter valley; it cannot be converted to V8-style lubrication. Heavy-duty and pre-1986 production crankshafts designed for two-piece rear seals can be installed in this block with crankshaft seal adapter P/N 10051118.

14011069 Aluminum Bow Tie Block      
An aluminum block is an essential ingredient for a lightweight V6. This 356-T6 cast aluminum block is recommended for road racing and other applications where engine weight is a consideration. It is outfitted with centrifugally cast 4.00" diameter cylinder liners and billet steel four-bolt intermediate main bearing caps. These heavy-duty caps have angled outer bolts that add to the block's bottom end strength.   Small Image
Technical Notes: Aluminum blocks are designed for crankshafts with 2.45" diameter main bearing journals. All production V6/90º engine components can be installed in aluminum Bow Tie blocks. Block weight is 70 lbs.

25534333 Cylinder Case (V6 90 Degree CNC Machined)      
This "CNC Machined" V6 90 degree iron block was designed for sprotsman racing. Same as block 1018551 except it has nodular iron main bearing caps with grade eight bolts.   Small Image

Chevrolet V6-90 Degree Quick Reference Chart
Part Number 10185051 10134371 10134351 14011069
Block Material Cast Iron A356-T6 Aluminum A356-T6 Aluminum A356-T6 Aluminum
Cylinder Wall Type Siamesed Siamesed Siamesed Siamesed
Cylinder Deck Height 9.025 9.025 9.025 9.025
Cylinder Bore Range 4.000-4.180" 4.125" 4.125" 4.000"
No. Bearing Cap Bolts 4 4 4 4
Cap Bolt Orientation Splayed Splayed (20 deg.) Splayed (20 deg.) Splayed
Bearing Cap Type Steel 8620 Steel 8620 Steel Steel
Crankshaft Journal Dia. 2.45" 2.45" 2.65" 2.45"
Oil Sump Type wet dry dry wet
Crankshaft Seal Type 2 piece 2 piece 2 piece 2 piece
Design Max. Stroke 4.00" 4.00" 4.00" 4.00"
Weight (lbs. - bare) 163 78 78 78
Intended Usage Professional Comp. Professional Comp. Professional Comp. Amateur Comp.
Non-Standard Parts Required   No mechanical fuel pump boss No mechanical fuel pump boss  
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