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Chevy 90-Degree V6
The Chevrolet 90-degree V6 owes its basic design to the celebrated small-block V8. Since its introduction in 1978, the V6/90-degree Chevrolet has established its own reputation as a compact, powerful, and reliable engine. The V6/90-degree's small size and light weight make it the perfect power plant for a responsive street rod or high-performance boat. The 90-degree V6 Chevy is a proven winner in oval track competition, road racing, and championship drag racing.
This "three-quarter small-block" shares many components with its V8 counterpart. Most valvetrain parts, bearings, piston assemblies, lubrication system, cooling system components, and external accessories are readily interchangeable between Chevrolet V6/90-degree and small-block V8 engines. Only parts which specifically apply to the 90-degree V6 are listed in this section. For all other components, refer to the appropriate listings in the Chevrolet small-block V8 section.  
Chevy 90-Degree V6
Cam Bearings and Plugs Camshafts and Camshaft Kits
Connecting Rod Bearings Connecting Rods
Crankshafts Cylinder Head Gaskets
Cylinder Heads Dampers and Pulleys
Distributors Engine Blocks
Exhaust Valves Flywheel - Timing Chain - Water Pump - Oil Pump
Head Bolts and Studs Ignition Systems
Intake Manifolds, Gasket Intake Valves
Pushrod Guideplates Pushrods
Rocker Covers & Gaskets Spark Plug Wires
Valve Lifters

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