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Chevy 60-Degree V6
The Chevrolet 60-Degree V6 is a compact powerhouse. This innovative engine has beaten both the competition and the elements in off-road racing. It is a proven winner in sports car racing, and it has a promising future on America's oval tracks in the Midget classes. A Chevy V6/60-degree engine is the perfect power-plant for a high-tech street rod or an ultralight autocross machine. GM Performance Parts offers the basic building blocks for a high-performance V6/60-degree, including light alloy engine cases, high-compression pistons, and high-volume pumps.
Chevrolet's 60-degree V6 has been produced in two distinct versions. First generation V6/60-degrees have cast iron cylinder heads with inline valves; second generation engines have aluminum cylinder heads with splayed valves. First generation engines V6/60-degrees are produced for front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive vehicles exclusively. Parts are interchangeable between the two versions except as noted in the part descriptions below.
Chevy V6/60-degree engines are available with 2.8-liter (173 cubic inch) and 3.1-liter (189ci) and 3.4-liter (207ci) displacements. 1985 and later V6/60-degree blocks have larger main bearings than pre-l985 engines; these late-model blocks are recommended for high-performance and competition applications. All Chevy V6/60-degree engines use metric fasteners exclusively.  
Chevy 60-Degree V6
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