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The Oldsmobile DRCE (Drag Racing Competition Engine) has rocketed to the top in championship drag racing. This purebred competition powerplant was designed to be the premier motor in Pro Stock. Since its debut in 1983, the Olds DRCE has set performance standards in professional and sportsman classes. The big-block Oldsmobile's horsepower potential and outstanding durability have also attracted the attention of serious boat racers and truck and tractor pullers.
The Oldsmobile DRCE shares many internal components with the Mark IV Chevrolet bit-block V8. Crankshafts, connecting rods, camshafts, timing gears, ignitions, and many external accessories are interhchangeable between Olds DRCE engines and big-block Chevy V8s. Oldsmobile DRCE blocks and cylinder heads are not interchangeable with Chevrolet components, however.
The Oldsmobile DRCE was specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of competition engine builders, and is therefore not compatible with production-based engines.
NOTE: All parts for 8.2-liter(500-cubic-inch) DRCE off-highway engines are now available only from your local GM dealer. (Attention Dealer: Order directly from GM-SPO.)  

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12480027 Oldsmobile High Performance Manual      
This is a must-have book for the serious Oldsmobile enthusiast. Oldsmobile V8 high performance manual covers proven engine building tricks covering block, heads, intakes, etc. It has a complete listing of casting numbers for most Oldsmobile V8 engines.   Small Image

22536161 Aluminum DRCE Engine Block      
This lighweight version of the Oldsmobile DRCE block incorporates many of the features of its cast iron counterpart. It is manufactured from 356-T6 aluminum by Keith Black Racing Engines. The aluminum DRCE block accepts all big-block Chevrolet V8 internal components (crankshaft, rods, camshaft, etc.). The head bolt pattern is designed specifically for Oldsmobile DRCE cylinder heads. The aluminum block's crankcase extends below the crankshaft centerline. This "Y-block" design accommodates cross-bolted ductile steel main bearing caps on the three intermediate main bearings. The ductile iron cylinder barrels are relieved and the camshaft bore repositioned .250" upward to provide clearance for a long-stroke crankshaft. The block's 1/2" diameter cylinder head studs extend to the bottom of the cylinder bores. The aluminum DRCE block has provisions for an internal oil pump. A short-deck aluminum block weighs 157 pounds.   Small Image
Technical Notes: Aluminum DRCE blocks are available with 9.925", 10.50", and 10.70" deck heights. Two cylinder bore sizes are offered; 4.250" and 4.50". Cylinder walls are finished with either 280 grit or 400 grit honing stones. All orders for aluminum DRCE engine blocks must be specify the desired block height, cylinder bore, and cylinder wall finish. This block is to be ordered direct from the manufacturer at (562) 869-1518 or FAX (562) 869-2544.

24502572 Bare Block - GMPP/DRCE "2"      
This GM performance parts/DRCE 2 Bare Block is a redesigned Old's DRCE. This block was designed for competition in 500ci Pro Stock Drag Racing or similar type usage. Use with cylinder heads P/N 24502585 or P/N 12480010 only. The main differences between the Old's DRCE and these semi-finished GMPP "2" blocks are the camshaft has raised to 5.750", the deck height is a 9.300" and can be reduced to approximately 9.000", the distributor hole is moved rearward on the block, and the overall weight has been reduced approximately 11 pounds.
The cylinder bore centerline spacing has been increased from 4.840" to 4.900", the maximum legal bore spacing for NHRA Pro Stock competition. With the new bore spacing of 4.900" it will allow the use of big bore with short stroke piston and crank shaft combinations to enhance performance. The increase in cylinder bore spacing reduces valve shrouding and permits the use of larger valves to improve air flow. The semi finished cylinder is bored to 4.500" dia. maximum recommended bore dia is 4.700. New elliptical siamese cylinder barrels maximuze wall thickness on the major and minor thrust axes. This allows lighter weight piston and rod combinations and improve carburetor, manifold port alignment with pro stock type induction systems. This block's cam tunnel will accommodate a 2.166" cam bearing.
Other improvements are No. 2 and No. 4 main bearing bulkheads are relocated .060" to distribute crankshaft loads easily. The lifter bosses has been replaced with solid bar, and the lifter holes are not drilled to allow engine builders to position them for there own valve train geometry. The head bolt holes are not drilled, so the engine builder can accomodate Pontiac S/D, Oldsmobile DRCE, or Chevrolet bolt patterns. The rear flange has a hybrid patter that accommodates Oldsmobile, Pontiac, or Chevrolet bellhousing. They use new four-bolt 8620 steel main bearing caps with splayed outer bolts to improve main bearing bulkhead durability and resist bearing bore distortion under high load. The oil pan rails have been spread .400 per side to provide room for longer stroke crankshafts. The starter motor can be mounted on either side of the GMPP/DRCE Block.  
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Technical Notes: This high-strength iron block has brinell hardness of 210 to 230 and requires a camshaft with distributor gear behind the rear bearing. The balance of parts to complete this engine are Chevrolet Big Block (water pumps, crank, cam, balancers, flywheel, and manifolds). This block is cast with the GM Performance Parts logo on it.

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